Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Every twig has a voice By Thomas Brooks

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Every twig has a voice!

(Thomas Brooks)

"Pay attention to the rod and the One who
ordained it." Micah 6:9

Christians should hear the rod, and kiss the rod, and
sit mute and silent under God's rod.

Christians should be mute and silent under the greatest 
afflictions, the saddest providences, and sharpest trials 
which they meet with in this world, that they may the 
better hear and understand the voice of God's rod. 

As the word has a voice, the Spirit a voice, and 
conscience a voice—so God's rod has a voice. 

God's rods are not mutes. They are all vocal, they are all 
speaking as well as smiting. Every twig has a voice!

'Ah! soul,' says one twig, 'you say it smarts. Well! tell 
me, is it good to provoke a jealous God?' Jerem. 4:18. 

'Ah! soul,' says another twig, 'you say it is bitter, it 
reaches to your heart; but have not your own doings 
procured these things?' Rom. 6:20, 21. 

'Ah! soul,' says another twig, 'where is the profit, 
the pleasure, the sweet that you have found in 
wandering from God?' Hosea 2:7. 

'Ah! soul,' says another twig, 'was it not best with 
you, when you were high in your communion with 
God, and when you were humble and close in your 
walking with God?' Micah 6:8. 

'Ah! Christian,' says another twig, 'will you search 
your heart, and try your ways, and turn to the Lord 
your God?' Lam. 3:40. 

'Ah! soul,' says another twig, 'will you die to sin more 
than ever, and to the world more than ever, and to 
relations more than ever, and to yourself more than 
ever?' Rom. 14:6-8; Gal. 6:18. 

'Ah! soul,' says another twig, 'will you live more to 
Christ than ever, and cleave closer to Christ than 
ever, and prize Christ more than ever, and venture 
further for Christ than ever?' 

'Ah! soul,' says another twig, 'will you love Christ 
with a more inflamed love, and hope in Christ with 
a more raised hope, and depend upon Christ with 
a greater confidence, and wait upon Christ with 
more invincible patience?'

Now, if the soul is not mute and silent under the rod, 
how is it possible that it should ever hear the voice of 
God's rod, or that it should ever hearken to the voice 
of every twig of God's rod?

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